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Lawrence Pollard Interviews John Brockman 4.29.2015

"It all started with a young scientist named Laurie Santos at a conference that I ran saying, 'How do we get rid of some of these ideas that are just standing in front of us? Just blocking everybody?'"


By Jacqueline Marcus

January 2012

"I'm in my 70s going on 24. I don't have any personal goals, I don't think that way. I don't know what is important."


By John Naughton 1.8.2012

"Any attempt to describe myself would end in awkwardness, confusion and contradiction"


By Duncan Graham-Rowe 2.3.2011

"I am interested in people who can take the materials of the culture in the arts, literature and science and put them together in their own way. We live in a mass-produced culture where many people, even many established cultural arbiters, limit themselves to secondhand ideas. Show me people who create their own reality, who don't accept an ersatz, appropriated reality. 


By Tim Adams 6.30.2007

"Brockman has probably done more than anyone to break down CP Snow's cultural divide. He is the PT Barnum of popular science, a great huckster of ideas."


By Andrew Brown 4.30.2005

"Confusion is good. Then try awkwardness. Then you fall back on contradiction. Those are my three friends."


By Marek Kohn 3.25.2000

John Brockman is the agent who made top scientists sexy - and he loathes the ignorant literary world.


By John Cornwell 10.2.1994

''Young's idea was that man creates tools and then moulds himself in their image. To me, this indicated that reality is manmade. The universe is an invention, a metaphor.''


By Michael White 12.13.1992

''When John Brockman walks into publishers' offices anywhere in the world, cheque books open.''

London Quotes

"The World's Smartest Website … Edge is a salon for the world's finest minds."
— The Guardian

"Inspired idea...A real must-read."

The Independent

"Open-minded, free ranging, intellectually playful ... an unadorned pleasure in curiosity, a collective expression of wonder at the living and inanimate world ... an ongoing and thrilling colloquium."
— Ian McEwan, The Telegraph

"Fantastically stimulating...It's like the crack cocaine of the thinking world.... Once you start, you can't stop thinking about that question."
— BBC Radio 4

“The world's best brains.”
— The Times

"Provocative ideas put forward today by leading figures."
— The Telegraph

"Brilliant ... A eureka moment at the edge of knowledge.... A website that will expand your mind."
— The Sunday Times

"Fascinating and provocative reading."
— The Guardian

"Exhilarating, hilarious, and chilling."
— The Evening Standard

"Wonderful reading."
— The Times

"Uplifting ... enthralling."
— Daily Mail

"Scientific pipedreams at their very best."
— The Guardian

"Strangely addictive."
The Telegraph

"As fascinating and weighty as one would imagine."
— The Independent

"They are the intellectual elite, the brains the rest of us rely on."
— The Guardian

"Praised by everyone from the Guardian, Prospect Magazine, Wired, The New York Times and BBC Radio 4, Edge’s contributors aren't on the frontier, they are the frontier."
— The Scotsman

"Brilliant! Stimulating reading."
— The Sunday Times

"Sparky and provoking ... radiates bright ideas."
— The Independent

"A stellar cast of thinkers tackles the really big questions.”
— The Guardian

"A marvelous showcase...highly recommended."
— Prospect

"Terrific, thought provoking."
— The Guardian

Edge at London's Serpentine Gallery

Artists, writers, scientists, film-makers, choreographers, theorists and musicians explored the complex and timely topic of extinction through talks, conversations, performances and screenings. Felt across the humanities and the sciences alike, the spectre of extinction looms over the ways in which we understand our being in the world today: environmental degradation, atomic weapons, threats to communities and languages, global warming, economic collapses, natural catastrophes, life wiped out by genocide, disease and hunger – the constellation of topics around extinction is ever-expansive and as urgent now as ever before.

On Sunday, October 16th, Edge, at the invitation of London's leading curator, and long-time collaborator, Hans Ulrich Obrist (HUO), co-director of the Serpentine Gallery, participated in The Serpentine Gallery Garden Marathon, the sixth in the Gallery’s acclaimed Marathon series. The Garden Marathon explored the concept of the garden.

Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator of the Serpentine, invited Edge to collaborate in his latest project, The Serpentine Map Marathon, produced in conjunction with DLD (Digital - Life - Design) Saturday and Sunday, 16 – 17 October, at Royal Geographical Society. The multi-dimensional Map Marathon features non-stop live presentations by over 50 artists, poets, writers, philosophers, scholars, musicians, architects, designers and scientists. 

On October 14, 2007, Edge participated in a morning of "table-top experiments" as part of the Serpentine Gallery Experiment Marathon in London. This live event was featured along with the Edge/Serpentine collaboration: "What Is Your Formula? Your Equation? Your Algorithm? Formulae For the 21st Century."

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Edge Interviews at Ham Yard Hotel, London

RORY SUTHERLAND, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy London; Columnist, The Spectator.

LORD MARTIN REES, Fellow, Trinity College; Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics, University of Cambridge; UK's Astronomer Royal; Past President, The Royal Society. 

ROSS ANDERSON, Professor, Security Engineering. Cambridge University; Chairman, Foundation for Information Policy Research; Fellow, The Royal Society

VENKATRAMAN "VENKI" RAMAKRISHNAN, Biologist and Nobel Laureate (2009); President, The Royal Society; Group Leader, Former Deputy Director, The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge.

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Chop House Society, London

L to R: Ian McEwan, Terry Gilliam, Katinka Matson, David Deutsch, John Brockman, Mary Evers, Brian Eno, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Annalena McAfee, Demis Hassabis @ the Quality Chop House - April 8, 2016

L to R: Venki Ramakrishnan, Nick Bostrom, Ian McEwan, Katinka Matson, Annalena McAfee, Max Brockman, Will McEwan, Richard Dawkins March 16, 2017

L to R: Evan Williams; Nassim Taleb;  Mark Zuckerberg

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